Georgia Institute of Technology
December 10 to 12, 2021


Lightning Talks


Rhea Palak Bakshi
Title: On the Kauffman bracket skein module of the connected sums of 3-manifolds

Assaf Bar-Natan
Title: The Grand Arc Graph on Infinite-Type Surfaces

Fraser Binns
Title: Braids and knot Floer homology

Orsola Capovilla-Searle
Title: Legendrian links with infinitely many genus $0$ exact Lagrangian fillings that are not Hamiltonian isotopic.

Anindya Chanda
Title: A New Class of Examples of Quasigeodesic (Anosov) Flow in Dimension 3

Rima Chatterjee
Title: Cabling knots in overtwisted contact manifolds

Sally Collins
Title: Smooth concordance, homology cobordism, and the Mazur pattern

Robert DeYeso III
Title: Thin knots and the Cabling Conjecture

Ethan Farber
Title: A Farey tree structure on a family of pseudo-Anosov braids

Tyler Gaona
Title: Minimal volume hyperbolic 3-orbifolds with rigid and nonrigid cusps

Sudipta Ghosh
Title: Connected sums and directed systems in knot Floer homologies

James Hughes
Title: A Brief Introduction to Legendrian Weaves

Khanh Le
Title: Totally geodesic surfaces in hyperbolic knot complements

Lily Li and Caleb Partin
Title: Generalizing the Twisted Rabbit Problem

Gage Martin
Title: Annular Khovanov homology and meridional disks

Robert Quarles
Title: A new perspective on a polynomial time knot polynomial

Braeden Reinoso
Title: Fixed points of pseudo-Anosovs, and knot Floer homology

Mark Ronnenberg
Title: Prequantum Bundle on the Traceless Character Variety of a Surface with Boundary

Agniva Roy
Title: Constructions and Invariants of higher dimensional Legendrian spheres

Lorenzo Ruffoni
Title: Strict hyperbolization and special cubulation

Abdoul Karim Sane
Title: Intersection norms, Thurston norms and their dual unit balls.

Roberta Shapiro
Title: An Alexander method for infinite-type surfaces

Kai Smith
Title: Pillowcase Homology and Character Varieties of Tangles

C.-M. Michael Wong
Title: Tau invariants in monopole and instanton Floer theories

Jiajun Yan
Title: A New Construction of ALE Spaces via Gauge Theory


organizers: A. Christian, J. Etnyre, J. Hom, M. Kuzbary, B. Liu, D. Margalit, J. Simone, H. Turner
Supported by the NSF and the Georgia Institute of Technology