Product Structures for Legendrian Contact Homology
Joint work with Gokhan Civan, Paul Koprowski, Joshua Sabloff and Alden Walker,
Math.\ Proc.\ Cambridge Philos.\ Soc. 150 (2011), 291--311.

Legendrian contact homology (LCH) and its associated differential graded algebra are powerful non-classical invariants of Legendrian knots. Linearization makes the LCH computationally tractable at the expense of discarding nonlinear (and noncommutative) information. To recover some of the nonlinear information while preserving computability, we introduce invariant cup and Massey products - and, more generally, an A_\infty structure - on the linearized LCH. We apply the products and A_\infty structure in three ways: to find infinite families of Legendrian knots that are not isotopic to their Legendrian mirrors, to reinterpret the duality theorem of the fourth author in terms of the cup product, and to recover higher-order linearizations of the LCH.

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