Georgia Institute of Technology
December 8 to 10, 2017




Due to a large medical conference in Atlanta the weekend of our conference, most the standard hotels near the math department are full. There are still hotels available near the airport and there is a convenient subway line from the airport to Georgia Tech. Participants might also want to consider AirBnB or other home rentals closer to Georgia Tech (but please be aware some universities cannot reimburse such costs, in particular we cannot reimburse the cost of an AirBnB from the conference grant).


Lectures and Math Department

The mathematics department at Georgia Tech is in the Skiles building, which you can see on the campus map or google maps.

If you are driving you can see the visitors parking in light blue on the map from Transportation Services.

All the talks will be in Skiles 006.


organizers: J. Etnyre, J. Hom, P. Lambert-Cole, J. Lanier, C. Leverson, D. Margalit, and B. Strenner
Supported by the NSF and the Georgia Institute of Technology