Below are various notes and talks for classes or seminars and expository papers (these also appear on the publications page).


  1. Lectures on Morse theory and handlebodies given at the 2019 PCMI Undergraduate Faculty Program.
  2. Lectures from an introduction to algebraic topology for undergraduates with an emphasis on knot theory.
  3. Survey talk on open books decompositions at MSRI, May 2009. There is only a pdf version of these notes.
  4. Lecture notes from the 2006 PCMI. These notes are on "Conatact geometry and low-dimensional topology" and focus on the techniques used to apply contact geometry to questions in low-dimensional topology. In particular, they cover perturbations of foliations into contact structures, symplectic handle attachment and symplectic caps. These note were written by Shea Vick. There is only a pdf version of these notes.
  5. Notes on convex surfaces from a contact geomety class. Last revised July 2004 (very rough form!) pdf and ps.gz
  6. Very basic notes on sheaves and divisors. These were from a series of seminars I gave as a graduate student some time in the early 90's. These should definitely be used at your own risk! pdf and ps.gz

Expository Articles:

  1. Legendrian contact homology in $\mathbb{R}^3$
    joint work with Lenhard Ng, Preprint 2018.
  2. Lectures on contact geometry in low-dimensional topology
    Preprint 2006.
  3. Lectures on open book decompositions and contact structures
    Preprint 2004.
  4. Legendrian and Transversal Knots
    Preprint 2003.
  5. Introductory Lectures on Contact Geometry
    Proc. Sympos. Pure Math. 71 (2003), 81-107.
  6. Problems in Low Dimensional Contact Topology
    joint work with Lenhard Ng, Proc. Sympos. Pure Math. 71 (2003), 337-357.
  7. Symplectic convexity in low-dimensional topology
    Topol. and its Appl. 88 (1998), 3-25.